Full Version: Silver OUKITEL K6000 Pro only available at only $183.99!
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FINALLY Silver OUKITEL K6000 Pro is in stock. It is only available at only $183.99!

Check out the phone at: http://www.spemall.com/Oukitel-K6000-Pro...one_g.html

[Image: 1459841532459167.jpg]
[Image: 1459841533600099.jpg]
[Image: 1459841532156623.jpg]
[Image: 1459841534473199.jpg]
[Image: 1459841537466617.jpg]
[Image: 1459841537909819.jpg]
[Image: 1459841542318145.jpg]
[Image: 1459841541439929.jpg]
[Image: 1459841540733714.jpg]
[Image: 1459841543568836.jpg]
[Image: 1459841545769876.jpg]
[Image: 1459841544457839.jpg]
[Image: 1459841546372765.jpg]
[Image: 1459841547137360.jpg]
Dear all, we can send some free gifts for OUKITEL K6000 Pro include silicone case and tempered glass screen protector and so on. Welcome to contact us! :-D

[Image: P1457GY-EU-1-0df3-bj4k.jpg]