Full Version: Oukitel K6000 Pro Bricked and need a ROM !HELP!
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Right peeps, Having a bit of trouble here. I bought the Oukitel K6000 Pro and it came installed with a trojan virus, which i believe is pretty normal for a lot of chinese phones these days anyway. I contacted the company I bought it from and they gave me full instructions to flash the phone.

I have flashed the phone using Sp Flash tools (tryed on Linux and windows 7 and windows 10) but the phone will now not work and it will not flash the stock rom! I have installed all the drivers needed (which is so much handier in Linux). After flashing it said download ok. I tried to turn the phone on but only the screen lights up but does nothing at all and also booting to recovery wont work and shows nothing either.

It can still be recognised by the computer and sp flash tools but nothing seems to work! Your Help would be much appreciated if there is anyway to fix it! I have sp flash tools V5.1520.00 on Linux V5.1628.00 on windows and the ROM I am using to flash is Oukitel K6000pro V8.0_20160607 6.0 Marshmallow from needrom. Also the phone build number was OUKITEL_K6000_PRO_V12_20160711, If anyone has a complete rom of android 6.0 for the K6000 Pro it would be much appreciated. I have tried all the K6000 Pro ROMS on needrom but they wont work. Also I have all the selections choosen on SP Flash.

This is my first time flashing a phone and it clearly hasnt gone well Angel

Sorry if this is in the wrong section or not allowed Also Hello as I am new here Big Grin
Did you flash your preloader by any chance (regular noob error)?
If you did you'll have a pretty big job getting your phone to work again.

Of course you could always pack up your phone and return it to your seller, since he's the one who made the error in the first place (should have offered you a full replacement without any cost). If you're not experienced in flashing I would strongly suggest to do just that. You tried what he suggested, it didn't work out, so let him solve the problem. You payed for a decent working phone and that's what he should give you.

Don't get me wrong I'm not against flashing, if you know what you're doing, but I am against sellers that fail to do their job right.
I have pretty much same issues,I have an oukitel k6000 pro that came with android 6.0 version 12. I recently changed my sim and was presented with privacy password protection and i couldnt remember my password. so I hard reset and the problem was still there, then I downloaded the version 8 and version 1 from needrom, when I flashed the version 8 using sp flash tool, it was successful but when i booted i got only a blank screen, so i tried the v1 and the same result. i don’t know what else to do. I could not find version 12. It does not boot into recovery or fastboot. I dont know what to do, can you help me?
I have the same problem i.e. after a "successful" rom flash I can not get my phone work.
Did you manage to find the solution for fixing and unbrickog your OUKITEL K6000 Pro phone?
Thanks for your reply and advice.


iv done the same it just wont recover what a pile of shit
Exact same problem here.

Has anyone found a solution? Can't anyone help?

Shall I just throw this piece of crap away?!