Full Version: Oukitel C5 Pro - TWRP 3.0.3 and ROMs
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Oukitel C5 Pro - TWRP 3.0.3 and ROMs

[Image: 11gllcy.jpg] [Image: 2useh40.jpg]


Make sure you have installed the stock rom V1.3_20161219
You will find it at the next link :



a) Tap on "Settings" -->"About phone" --> "Build number".
b) Tap 7 times on "Build number".
c) Tap on "Developer option", enable "OEM unlocking" and "USB debugging".
d) Download the latest version of SP Flash Tool :


e) Download the TWRP 3.0.3 at the next link :


f) Unrar it --> copy the "UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.79-20161211114519.zip",
and paste it into your microSD.
g) Turn off the phone.
h) Open SP Flash Tool, load the scatter file and click on Download.
i) Connect your phone to your pc with USB to start the flash process.
j) When it finished, press "volume up" and "power" buttons simultaneously.
k) Select the first white line with volume up.
l) Press volume down to confirm.

THE NEXT STEPS ARE VITAL (to reboot your phone in normal mode)

m) Tap on "Install".
n) Tap on "Select Storage" and tap on "Micro SDCard".
o) Tap on "UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.79-20161211114519.zip".
p) Swipe to confirm Flash.
q) When installation is finished, swipe to reboot.
r) Be patient.
s) Tap on SuperSU icon to activate it.
t) Install "Quick Reboot Root.apk" (inside the rar) to reboot into twrp.
u) Enjoy.

ELEPHONE C1X - ported rom for Oukitel C5 Pro

[Image: 2w56kr4.jpg]
[Image: 2af0c2c.jpg] [Image: 2s7hyt2.jpg]
[Image: kdk30k.jpg] [Image: 2powt5k.jpg]

- added SuperSU-v2.78-SR4.zip
- added Busybox.Installer.v1.25.1-ALL-signed.zip
- added Open Camera_v1.37.apk
- added Quick Reboot Root_v1.6.5.apk

Download link :



DO NOT use the default camera apk !
Please use exclusively Open Camera_v1.37.apk


1) Install the TWRP 3.0.3 (first post).
2) Download the "C5_Pro-C1X-port.zip" at the next link :


3) Copy & paste "C5_Pro-C1X-port.zip" into microSD.
4) Reboot into twrp recovery.
5) Make a full backup of the stock rom (Boot, System and Data) into microSD.
6) Make a backup of NVRAM separately into microSD.
7) Tap on "Wipe" (main screen of twrp).
8) Tap on "Advanced Wipe".
9) Select Dalvik/System/Cache/Data/Internal Storage BUT NOT Micro SDCard.
10) Swipe to Wipe.
11) Return to the main screen of twrp.
12) Tap on "Install".
13) Tap on "Select Storage" and tap on "Micro SDCard".
14) Tap on "C5_Pro-C1X-port.zip".
15) Swipe to confirm Flash.
16) When installation is finished, swipe to reboot.
17) Tap on the icon of SuperSU to activate it.
18) Use "Quick Reboot Root.apk" to reboot into twrp.
19) Make all the update on "Play Store".

Thanks for that.
Is the custom rom better than the stock rom?
thanks, works verry fine !
I do not find the "rom stock V1.3_20161219" on the site needrom.
(2017-03-26, 22:08)sainjoub Wrote: [ -> ]Hi,
I do not find the "rom stock V1.3_20161219" on the site needrom.


ROM 1 – Official OUKITEL C5 Pro Version: OUKITEL_C5PRO_V1.3_20161219 - full_yk630_37m_fdd_35g-user 6.0 MRA58K
Android 7 soon or not ?
Thank you!! Works fine!!
(2017-03-30, 05:44)merlin752 Wrote: [ -> ]Android 7 soon or not ?

TWRP apparently cannot be flashed on Android 7 (https://www.needrom.com/download/oukitel-c5-pro-3/ ), any plan to make that compatible? I get these errors:
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