Full Version: OUKITEL K6000 Plus Starts delivery this week
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As the global wide presale of OUKITEL K6000 Plus ends, the manufacturer OUKITEL is also starting to deliver all the presale orders.

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As the presale event promised, the package of K6000 plus will include extra gifts like OTG cable and silicone case besides a K6000 plus device, protective film, user manual, SIM card pin, 12V/2A flash charger and USB cable.
Talking about the OTG cable, what are the other function besides reverse charge for other mobile devices and consumer electronics devices? Though it’s short, it will connect you to your whole world. OUKITEL announced before that K6000 plus is able to support 2TB mobile hard disk drives. Is this true? See video below:

In the video, K6000 plus is connected to a 2TB mobile HDD by the brand Seagate with the OTG cable. We can see that it reads the file in the HDD easily. This gives a hint that if you want to copy the files in your old smartphone into the new K6000 plus, just connect your old mobile phone to K6000 plus by the OTG cable, then you will be able to check and transfer all the files.

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From K6000 to K6000 Pro, now to K6000 plus, OUKITEL is improving this K series. Although these 3 are all around 6000mAh battery, the processors(MT6735 VS MT6753 VS MT6750T), memories(2GB RAM+16GB ROM VS 3GB RAM+32GB ROM VS 4GB RAM +64GB ROM), cameras(real pixels 8MP VS 13MP VS 16MP), and operating system(Android 5.1 VS Android 6.0 VS Android 7.0) are always improving and upgrading.

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More and more powerful, more and more convenient, more and more humanized, K6000 plus is really trying to “Conquer” its predecessors and user experiences.
Though the presale period ends, the flash sale for K6000 plus is still ongoing, Hao Han YingGuang Store is one of the Authorized store which is doing flash sale for K6000 Plus at $175.99.  Orders from now on will be delivered without too much waiting time: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product...60710.html