Full Version: Charge 5 Min, Talk More Than 2H, OUKITEL K6000 Plus price drop down to $169.99
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[Image: oukitel-k-6000.plus-charge-5-minutes-talk-2hours.png]

OUKITEL had released the high-end flagship device K6000 Plus last month. Since pre-orders have been finished delivery. In this test this new device is meeting another challenge-charge 5 minutes, talk more than 2 hours.

Video of Oukitel charged for 5 minutes and talk time of 2 hours:

In the video, K6000 Plus is only 1% power left, and by its 12V/2A flash charger, it is charged only 5 minutes. We will see how long it goes when it is calling up. When K6000 Plus is powered to 6%, we keep talking till 2 hours 4 minutes in black screen. K6000 Plus still has 1% battery display and hasn’t turned off by itself.

[Image: oukitel-k-6000.plus-charge-5-minutes-talk-2hours.png]

Technology enthusiasts would be excited to know that the fast charging features of the K6000 Plus connector are supported by its high density super fast charging battery and the pump-express flash charging IC. It comes with a 6,080mAh SCUD battery with a fast charging support, which makes Oukitel K6000 Plus a must buy for technology enthusiasts and youth alike who love spending time on their smartphones.

[Image: oukitel-k-6000.plus-charge-5-minutes-talk-2hours.png]

K6000 Plus is also an amazing device in other aspects. MediaTek MT6750T Octa-core chipset and gets 4GB of RAM with 64GB of onboard storage.

It has got 16MP real pixels camera at the back and 8.0MP real pixels camera at the front.

It runs Android 7.0 System out of factory. The 12V/2A flash charger is a standard part of the package which offers fully charge in 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Oukitel K6000 Plus is not just a beautiful premium device. It has an all-metal body but a powerful device with a super fast processor and ROM+RAM.

According to OUKITEL, this device will have a top flash sale. From May 1st to May 6th at a surprising price of $169.99 on Aliexpress.

This is definitely the bottom price among the same level smartphones. Except for this frozen price, the store will also offer a gift bag worth $50. Add it to your shopping cart if you plan to get a big battery smartphone with flash charging.

Flash sale is coming on May 1st