Full Version: OUKITEL is launching a new device Oukitel K4000 Plus with privacy system
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Now and then we can see on newspaper or internet headlines that a star leaked some personal photos, or the secret of a company leaked, causing huge loss, etc. Why? If we track the source, we may find that many privacies were leaked from smartphones. Thus smartphone has become our personal belongings which we don’t want others to lend, smartphone privacy is also becoming a main concern for manufacturers and users. To solve this painpoint, OUKITEL is releasing a new device OUKITEL K4000 Plus with privacy system & tough screen.

[Image: 5.6.jpg]

OUKITEL is developing a new operating system for K4000 Plus. Privacy system is one of the most important part of this OUKITEL OS. See the video below about how to set the private system and how it can protect all your privacy.

This privacy system is independent from the normal operating system. Inside this system, you can store all your private files, records, photos, videos, applications like email, skype, and so on, phone call history, important and secret contacts, messages. As long as you think it’s private and don’t want other’s to see it on main interface, you can store it in this system. This doesn’t affect your normal use of applications on main interface.

To protect all the storage in your privacy system, you can set to make this privacy system disappear from main interface and access it through dialpad secret order. Or you can create a fake privacy system to protect the real one.

As an independent person, it’s important for us to have our own space where we can store whatever we want. K4000 Plus is designed to satisfy this need. It also offer front press fingerprint to offer protection for smartphone.

As a upgrading version of K4000 series, K4000 plus will follow its tradition to get tough screen which can bear drills or nails. More information about K4000 Plus will be released on www.oukitel.com