Full Version: [Doogee Mix] vs Redmi Note 4 camera. Not bad!
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Just did a post about Doogee Mix vs the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4's Samsung S5K3L8. Just some random indoor objects.

Try to guess which set is the Doogee Mix. Reply with any comments or guesses here in this thread to win a phone case and hardened glass screen protector. Can be anybody. Doesn't have to be a Doogee Mix owner.

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2. Enter any comment in this thread about Doogee Mix

That's it! Winner will be chosen randomly from the entries.

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Im impressed even though i hate the Mix's camera, i get a lot of noise and photos seem to be washed out a lot, lacks details one you try to enlarge photos.

The Mix got a good hardware camera just not enough software support to get the maximum quality out of it and its frustrating.

I hope Doogee doesn't give up on updating the phone regularly.

Great phone, bad software.
I think the camera is fine. What are you comparing it to Badrey? It holds up well against the Redmi Note 4 in these pictures. You're right that pictures are sometimes lacking color though.

About the zooming in, I think that's true for most any camera. I compared it to my Panasonic and the pixel level sharpness was actually better from the Mix.
I also dont like the camera. Im a bit dissapointed about thatAngry.

I have had an Elephone P7000 with 13mp and those pictures were better than the Mix.
And i still have a Meizu MX5 with 21mp and those pics are superb ! (never had better camera than this)

Hopefully Doogee provide us with an update for the cam. (but dont think thats gonna happen)Undecided

Entered! One week left.
(2017-07-26, 14:28)NexusTrix Wrote: [ -> ]@ItHurtz

Entered! One week left.

U have a bad day or something.? Confused
Whats the problem here.
No problem. It's a contest. You have been entered.Smile
(2017-07-26, 14:54)NexusTrix Wrote: [ -> ]No problem. It's a contest. You have been entered.Smile

oh, ok sorry didnt get the message Smiling