Full Version: OUKITEL K10000 MAX power consumption test: 3 hours multi use only consumes 5%
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Since OUKITEL K10000 MAX software was already filed, OUKITEL lab tested the power consumption rate by normal daily use: massive online game, video recording, voice call, downloaded film, music, and online video.

OUKITEL K10000 MAX Power Consumption Test

The OUKITEL K10000 MAX battery consumption graphic is specially adjusted to drop slower in the first 10-15 percentage. It can support quite long time using but only drops a little. In the video, it played 30 minutes massive online MOBA game-King of Glory, recorded 30 minutes video, 30 minutes Wechat voice call, 30 minutes downloaded Hollywood film, 30 minutes google play music and 30 minutes online cartoon video-ONE PIECE. All of these all testes by maximum volume and brightest screen which is the most power consumption way.

[Image: OUKITEL-K10000-MAX-power-consumption-test-800x450.png]

Totally it is used at most by 3 hours continuously, but the battery power only drops 5%. This will surely release those who always worry about battery charging when your device is less than 50%. You can use K10000 MAX freely as it gets massive 10000mAh battery.

[Image: OUKITEL-K10000-MAX-power-consumption-tes...00x450.png]

Global First Presale of K10000 MAX will start on September 12th. As it shows on OUKITEL official website, K10000 MAX retail price is $249.99, but during the global first presale, you can get the price of $199.99 as OUKITEL is distributing $50 coupon code.