Full Version: OUKITEL C8 4G vs Xiaomi Redmi 4X, which one will you buy?
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Since OUKITEL C8 gained much attention after announcement. OUKITEL is releasing an upgrading version for it which is Oukitel C8 4G. With same 18:9 and dual glossy design and more excellent handling experience. With super cost-effective, will C8 4G become more popular than C8? Oukitel launched a press release where they made an OUKITEL C8 4G vs Xiaomi Redmi 4X Comparison.


[Image: OUKITEL-C8-4G-vs-Xiaomi-Redmi-4X-Comparison-3.jpg]

As an entry-level 4G star product, C8 4G is devoted to become next best seller. Which could be more attractive than C8. Today we have a comparison and show you why OUKITEL C8 is worth buying.

[Image: OUKITEL-C8-4G-vs-Xiaomi-Redmi-4X-Comparison-6.jpg]

Both OUKITEL C8 4G and Redmi 4X get 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM. Based on this condition, OUKITEL C8 4G features a 5.5” 18:9 display with 720x1280 resolution. While Xiaomi Redmi 4X has 5.0” 16:9 display with same 720x1280 resolution. According to the design, OUKITEL C8 4G gets a longer and narrower display than Redmi 4X. This meets our beauty-appreciation nowadays. It offers more comfortable handling feel in one hand.

Though same 13MP and 5MP pixels in cameras, C8 4G and Redmi 4X gets different photo effect. With longer display, OUKITEL C8 4G will take larger photos.

[Image: OUKITEL-C8-4G-vs-Xiaomi-Redmi-4X-Comparison-1.jpg]

OUKITEL prepares 5 popular colors for C8 4G. Midnight black, sky blue, rosy pink, orchid purple, and sunny gold. Nevertheless, Redmi 4X has 3 colors:black, gold and pink . What color do you like more?
[Image: oukitel-c8-4g-colors.jpg]

OUKITEL C8 4G vs Xiaomi Redmi 4X Comparison[/b]

[Image: OUKITEL-C8-4G-vs-Xiaomi-Redmi-4X-Comparison-4.jpg]


OUKITEL C8 4G will be sold at $99.99, by contrast RedMi 4X takes you $115. Giving a budget of $150, which one would you buy? See more details about C8 4G: OUKITEL C8 4G ( http://www.oukitel.com/products/c/c8-4g-79.html ).