Full Version: OUKITEL U18 mimic iPhone X Notch display, coming by end of Jan
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At the first month of 2018, OUKITEL is releasing a new smartphone OUKITEL U18, of which is said to be next killer of OUKITEL. It will feature iPhone X-like display design, but gets a new 21:9 aspect ratio, making it slimmer and more comfortable to hold in hand. 

[Image: OUKITEL-U18-features-and-hands-on-video.png]


OUKITEL already finished processing the initial handset of this U18, and has installed the first software version. OUKITEL U18 spots a 5.85 inch HD+ display with 1512x720 resolution. What’s more, it features a slimmer 21:9 display to enlarge the usable area at largest and make it fit one hand perfectly. It will get 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM for memory, surely offer fluent and smooth handling experience.
According to OUKITEL, OUKITEL U18 will start production by end of January. So U18 will be officially released on OUKITEL official website soon. To know more information, keep an eye on OUKITEL official facebook page.