Full Version: OUKITEL K10 VS OUKITEL K10000 Pro Features Compared
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OUKITEL released the world’s first 11000mAh battery smartphone OUKITEL K10 and the black version has been on sale for several weeks.  In addition, we have a video where we can see OUKITEL K10 VS OUKITEL K10000 Pro Features compared.

[Image: OUKITEL-K10-VS-OUKITEL-K10000-Pro-Featur...on-led.png]

Now OUKITEL is bringing the gold version to the normal sale. Furthermore, the gold version changes the frame, OUKITEL logo on the back, fingerprint and the decoration part around the camera to gold, giving a fresh new feel for K10.


Therefore the K10 can be regarded as an upgrading version of K10000 Pro, but highly improved in many aspects. After checking all the aspects of K10 and K10000 Pro, we can see there are 8 differences between the two devices.

[Image: OUKITEL-K10-VS-OUKITEL-K10000-Pro-Featur...attery.png] 

First, battery. Obviously, K10 gets a larger 11000mAh battery capacity, offering longer using. K10000 Pro features a 10000mAh battery but still can be used for a long time.

Second, design and body. Though K10 and K10000 Pro look similar, they are quite different. K10 is lighter in weight: 287.3g, K10000 Pro: 295.5g. K10 is surely slimmer and thinner than K10000 Pro when you hold it in hand, you can feel it immediately.

[Image: OUKITEL-K10-VS-OUKITEL-K10000-Pro-Featur...isplay.png]

Third, display. K10000 Pro features a 5.5 inch FHD display with 1920x1080 resolution, while K10 spots a 6 inch FHD+ display with 2160x1080 resolution with 18:9 display. With full display, K10 shows larger using area.

[Image: OUKITEL-K10-VS-OUKITEL-K10000-Pro-Featur...ameras.png]


Forth, camera. K10 packs a 16MP dual lens rear camera and 8MP dual-lens front camera and interpolated to 21MP and 13MP. While K10000 Pro gets 13MP and 5MP cameras with no interpolation.

Fifth, the sound. K10 adopts a more expensive speaker to offer better voices. However, the difference is slight, you should listen to the voices carefully, then you can feel that K10 speaker is better.

Sixth, chipset. K10 is powered by MediaTek MT6763 octa-core chipset, based on this processor, K10 is more power saving due to the lower power consumption rate. K10000 Pro carries MediaTek MT6750T octa-core chipset, powerful and fluent.

[Image: OUKITEL-K10-VS-OUKITEL-K10000-Pro-Featur...gb-rom.png] 

Seventh, memory. K10 runs on 6GB RAM with 64GB ROM, while K10000 Pro features 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM. 

Eight, charging speed. K10 is charged by a faster 5V/5A charger due to the low voltage high electric current charger. K10’s 11000mAh battery can be fully charged in 2 hours and 15 minutes. K10000 Pro is charged by a 12V/2A charger, the 10000mAh battery can be fully charged in 2 hours and half hours.

[Image: OUKITEL-K10-VS-OUKITEL-K10000-Pro-Featur...-phone.png]


Ninth, sensors. K10 supports NFC function, gyroscope and geomagnetic sensor, notification sensor besides the gravity, proximity and light sensor, while K10000 Pro only supports gravity, proximity and light sensor.

Tenth, colors. K10000 Pro only has one black version, K10 adds a new gold version besides the black one. You have more choices on K10.

[Image: OUKITEL-K10-VS-OUKITEL-K10000-Pro-Featur...eather.png]



In addition, we also have more differences between K10 and K10000 Pro like the ear jack, charger type, display tech etc, but we can clearly see that K10 upgraded more from K10000 Pro, the user experience is highly improved. Finally, if you want more info on official website: http://www.oukitel.com/products/k/oukitel-k10-84.html


OUKITEL K10 VS OUKITEL K10000 Pro Features compared video