Full Version: Who often uses the tri-proof smartphone OUKITEL WP5000?
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In your opinion, who are the tri-proof smartphone users? Oukitel is releasing a new phone for tri-proof users. Oukitel WP5000 targeted users are for several different types of smartphone users.



Is it a tall and strong man? Or an aged person? Are tri-proof phones only loved by men or also loved by ladies? Is it more favored by a liberal who persists his own way? Or a well-behaved pragmatism? Let's see how OUKITEL defines the large battery tri-proof smartphone WP5000.


[Image: Oukitel-WP5000-built-for-adventurers.png]

OUKITEL named the WP5000 as a super thin and light large battery tri-proof smartphone with great cameras. It is aimed to set a new benchmark for tri-proof smartphones.


[Image: Oukitel-WP5000-targeted-users.png] 

No matter you are an outdoor enthusiast who loves rafting, cycling, hiking, skiing, diving, or surfing;

An outdoorsman who often works in a tough environment like woodcutters, miners, oilman or construction workers;

Specialists like a fireman, policeman, or delivery man;



A parent who has a naughty child;

A careless person whose phone often slip out of your hand;

The businessman who needs a tough smartphone that can support long time phone calls;

The new OUKITEL WP5000 is perfectly designed for you!


[Image: Oukitel-WP5000-ip68.png]


Oukitel WP5000 targeted users


Of course, [url=http://www.oukitel.com/products/wp/wp5000-87.html"]WP5000 [/url]is suitable for many other people like white collar workers and water sports enthusiasts, and so on. OUKITEL gives you a thinner, lighter tri-proof smartphone with a large battery and great cameras. Now the smartphone is not only to meet the needs of daily work and life, but also a companion. No matter who you are, choose the right mobile phone you want.


[Image: Oukitel-WP5000-back.png]

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