Full Version: OUKITEL WP5000 challenges its outdoor adaptability, chance to apply for free
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The IP68 waterproof smartphone OUKITEL WP5000 has been on sale since last week. Thanks to the strong rugged body and decent specs, it gained many outdoor enthusiasts’ love. In fact, OUKITEL WP5000 is not only favored by adventurers, but also those who mostly work outside. This time, OUKITEL created a smartphone that meets the expectations of the brand and the quality. Now, this is your Chance to win an Oukitel WP5000 FREE.


[Image: Chance-to-win-an-Oukitel-WP5000-FREE.jpg]

As we all know, because of the complex outdoor environment, ordinary mobile phones are difficult to use in places such as the South/North Pole and the Himalayas. If it is in the wet and severe environment, the mobile phone needs to be protected to ensure normal use.


[Image: Chance-to-win-an-Oukitel-WP5000-FREE-2.jpg]


While, it’s hard to test whether WP5000 on the Himalayas, but OUKITEL tried to mimic the environment-put it in a place that is around -20℃ for more than 16.5 hours. As a result, the WP5000 works quite well after a long time staying at quite a low temperature. This indicates that WP5000 has the capability to challenge the temperature on the Himalayas.

It’s not enough if it just owns protection capability, the comprehensive experience is most important. OUKITEL WP5000 packs a 5200mAh battery, 6GB RAM,64GB ROM, and helio P25 octa-core soc, this combination enables WP5000 to work for a long time with a fast response. While many other phones were frozen to turn off automatically to protect the CPU, OUKITEL WP5000 still keeps going. Don’t you think that this kind of insistence will be a life-saving straw in some occasions?


[Image: Chance-to-win-an-Oukitel-WP5000-FREE-1.jpg]



How can you apply for a Chance to win an Oukitel WP5000 FREE?

Do you like to change a new smartphone once a month or a smartphone that will support a long time? OUKITEL WP5000 is a smartphone for a long-term choice. Now just one week after it goes to market, WP5000 is giving another big bonus. To make it simple, you have a chance to apply this tri-proof smartphone phone for free use at the cost of $0.1 while the flash sale is $269.99. On Aliexpress app, tap “freebies & reviews” on the main interface, choose OUKITEL WP5000 which is at first place, then follow the steps to apply.  Or save this link: http://s.aliexpress.com/IRJF3yAj?fromSns=, save the store, then apply.