Full Version: ZH960-MB-V3.1 SOLVE
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Доброго времени суток, можно мне тоже пожалуйста прошивку на zh960-mb-v3.1
Всё перерыл, никак не могу найти
За ранее спасибо

(2019-08-25, 06:12)jwills Wrote: [ -> ]Send me your email and I'll give you a ROM I think might just work, I also have tab

can you give me lin of the rom ZH90-Mb-3.1? this is my email. computerwizard09@gmail.com. thank you

За ранее огромное спасибо

(2019-02-13, 07:24)hkhan Wrote: [ -> ]Hi,
my ZH960-MB-V3.1 tablet is brick after flashing with preloader, now when turn on get boot error  recovery boot error only fastboot work but in fastboot mode can't flash anything,
even my backup don't work which i make with MtkDroidTools before bricked, so please can somebody help.

manage to bring back life again by flashing different preloader but touch screen don't work properly display darker no keyboard any suggestion.


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i have  solve my tablet after flashing all the file from my backup using  SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1343 upgrade option now everything perfect.

Hi hkhan,

Could you also mail the backup to me please as have a similar problem. My email is gambelcd@btinternet.com 

many thanks

(2020-01-29, 06:38)zedmedia Wrote: [ -> ]pls kindly send to me 


Did you manage to fix your machine? I am still struggling to get a copy of the ROM / backup from someone with a working one. Can you help ?


(2019-08-26, 03:28)jwills Wrote: [ -> ]Just send u a mail, check mailbox

can you send me the  link as well


Hi hkhan,

You could send me your backup too, my tablet only manages to light up the screen and it turns off.
My email is ronald_rrq@hotmail.com

thank you very much
Hola saludos
Por favor me puede enviar la copia mi tablet no pasa del logo.
Mi correo

Muy agradecido
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