Full Version: [HELP!!] NEED STOCK ROM Jlinksz T906 ZH960
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Hello. Is anyone there has a stock firmware for Jlinksz T906 ZH960. I flashed all the firmware that I can find here on XDA as well as other sites. The reason for this is because I'm finding a TWRP for this device to be flashed using SPFT. After I find one that fits my device, I immediately go to SPFT to flash it. But as I click the Download button, an error appears (something like PMT error) so I fix it by doing a FORMAT (worst thing that I did in my life) without doing a full backup of the rom because I am so sure that the firmware on this forum is actually gonna work for my device (which I realized it isn't later on).

After full formatting I can't open the device (ofcourse) so I flashed T906 stock firmware (from the link above). After I flashed it, a lines on the screen appeared. This is the time that I realized that I'm f****d. So I went to Google and search for more roms for Jlinksz T906 and I found this one that has a download link for a dump rom I think (this is the only firmware that I tried so far that has the display working properly). I downloaded it, flashed it and an error appears on the device "boot error!!!!". After days and days of non-stop searching (went to some Russian and XDA sites) on how to repair my bricked device it is time to ask for help. I flashed all the roms that I could find but only with this problem: black screen then suddenly turns off, a red or blue lines on the screen.

I recently found out that whenever I flashed the uboot.bin and pro_info (from the rom with working display) on some of the firmwares that I found, the display is working but the "boot error!!!!!" still haunts me.

Please, I need this device for online classes. If there's someone that can help, please.

See the attached image. That is the board model and the chips and all.

Before the problem (the time that I can fully use the device) I saw that it has an Android 9.0 Pie which is probably fake because I know for sure that it was KitKat.

Info on the back of the board:
ZH960 TB-v4.1
ZH107ATB V4.1

Near the simcard tray:

Jlinksz T906 tablet model

All help is appreciated?

Thank you!

[Image: 20210905_211308-jpg.5402427]

[Image: 20210905_211247-jpg.5402433]

[Image: 20210905_211505-jpg.5402429]

[Image: 20210905_211220-jpg.5402425]