Full Version: Encryption Unsuccessful - Reset Android
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A few days ago I backed up my phone using MTKDroidtools and tested it by flashing back again without issue.

Apart from a few apps updating automatically, nothing else changed.

Using exactly the same tools and methodology, I backed up my phone again today and tested flashing it back.

All went well except that this time, after the bootanimation had completed I received the prompt Encryption Unsuccessful - Reset Android.

After selecting the Reset Android prompt it booted into recovery, did some stuff and then rebooted but the ROM was back to factory stock.

I'm completely stumped as to what could have possibly changed to bring about this issue.

I still had the backup from a few days ago, which I have managed to restore without issue, so all was not lost but it does make me wary for future backups.

Anybody know the reasons why this seems to happen?

I thought that I had figured out a way round it (sort of)

I pulled the battery and booted into recovery, taking the option to reboot.

After the bootanimation had finished the phone stuck, so I restarted it again and this time it came up.

The only issue was that 3 of the icons on the main screen were the same, despite each opening their relevant apps and the bookmarks widget on screen 2 being blank.

I restored the app icons and all is working, except that when I try to load the play store it says that the app isn't installed.

The logic of it all escapes me though.

Is there any reason why you can't install a custom recovery such as
CWM/CTR or TWRP depending on make and model
and doing a full backup and testing restore thru custom recovery?

altho I can't use Windows, it looks to me you can not trust your current method of backing up.

But can you also specify the format of the SDCARD as maybe that has some relevance pls.

I already have CWM installed but CWM and TWRP have their limitations about what they can backup, whereas the dedicated tools for MTK phones should, you would have thought, would do the complete job in a few clicks.

I'm beginning to think that these tools are not as good as I hoped that they would be.

When you say specify the format of the SDCARD, I'm not quite sure what you mean as the internal SD Card is in whatever format I would have expected it to come with the ROM.

My external SD card is standard fat32.

Talking of CWM, I have also noticed an oddity.

Following every restore, there is a delay of a minute or so after the bootanimation has completed.

When looking in the clockworkmod folder, apart from the last manual backup that I made, with a specific date format, there is another that is being automatically created with a different date format.

Each one contains boot.img, cache.ext4.tar, data.ext4.tar, nandroid.md5, recovery.img, system.ext4.tar and a folder names files containing a file called files.md5

I've never known CWM act like this following restores on any of my Rockchip devices.

data.ext4.tar and system.ext4.tar are weighing in with rather large file sizes filling up the external sd card.

With the only backup that can be restored correctly, on boot up I do get a very brief message saying Android is upgrading, starting apps but it's only there for a couple of seconds.

None of the restores from subsequent backups have this android is upgrading message upon bootup.

Hello all

It can be alarming to see "Encryption Unsuccessful - Reset Android". It usually indicates a problem with device protection. It is typically advised to either seek professional assistance or attempt a device reset.