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CUbot x16s problems - Aussiewantsaps2 - 2017-06-12

My x16 is being strange, the buttons on the bottom of the screen aren't all responding and sometime do different things, the back button adds full stops to messages, some of the touch screen touches don't respond , like the reboot , or switch off phone message won't let me OK or cancel, is it broken or is it some kind of mapping or accessibility setting?
Not sure how I clear the system cache on this model?
It's on android 6.0

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RE: CUbot x16s problems - IMgroot - 2017-06-12

Almost sure to be hardware, not software. Sorry for the bad news.

You should be able to do a factory data reset from settings, or boot into recovery (volume button and power button together from off). I really think this won't make a difference, but you can try.