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RE: [Doogee Mix] ROM downloads and problem thread - mythozz - 2017-07-14

(2017-07-13, 19:45)ItHurtz Wrote:
(2017-07-13, 19:31)mythozz Wrote:
(2017-07-13, 19:18)ItHurtz Wrote: Okay, so the rear camera works with other camera apps if you format?

If so, you're right, that is truly strange. And would seem to indicate a problem with software. Unless the original camera app is trying to send signals to the camera that other camera apps aren't, triggering the hardware short.

I'm just throwing out guesses now, but my bet would be it's at least partially hardware related.

Have you tried clearing default camera data in Apps, instead of formatting the phone?

Have you tried something like 360 Camera from Google Play store?

Yes I have tried 360 Camera, it's not working.

I also cleared cache, forced stopped camera, restarted phone, nothing.

It's really frustrating!

Cleared cache, or cleared camera app "data"?

Anyways, I think this is hardware related since it happened before any flash.

I would try to get a refund if you can. Sorry I couldn't help more.

Thanks for your help anyway, yes I will ask for a refund. Thanks again!

RE: [Doogee Mix] camera not working - lulitrevisan - 2017-08-14

I have the same problem here. So sad

RE: [Doogee Mix] camera not working - Stepenwolf - 2019-05-13

Did someone fix it?