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Promotion For Chinese New Year 2018 - www.banggood.com - 2018-02-06

Hello Friends, 

Europeans, it seems that in China people are working almost non-stop and it's a pittance. Meanwhile, the Chinese people does not earn less than the Poles, and they can celebrate with great gusto. Chinese New Year begins on February 15, and the celebration will end until March 2.

[Image: Chi%C5%84ski-Nowy-Rok-800x445.png]
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Shopping in China have become so popular in Poland that Polish customers should know the basic dates of the holidays celebrated in China. The biggest celebration of the Chinese New Year which is celebrated officially on 15-21.02.2018. These are public holidays, banks, post offices and shops are closed at this time. Purchases made online stores will be processed after February 21, even though the scripts stores will normally took orders. Even worse is the postal shipments, even many Chinese people celebrating the round at month extension of the deadline will result in a package shipping from China. 
Chinese New Year will end on March 2, Lantern Festival.

Keep this in mind and make the best purchases in China before the Chinese New Year and it in advance to send parcels. 
Shop Banggood prepared to celebrate the Chinese New Year a lot of interesting shopping opportunities .