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cubot s308 bricked - quatrix - 2014-09-18

Pls guys if you have someone Cubot S308 can you make full original Factory rom with preloader

RE: cubot s308 bricked - Athos - 2014-09-19

See the first download link on the page here: [Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register]

RE: cubot s308 bricked - travikat - 2014-11-15

Quatrix - did u managed to un-brick ? i tried also to flash a new rom with 4gb storage but it failed Sad

RE: cubot s308 bricked - vickers911 - 2015-08-18

Bricked CUBOT S308!! Hoping someone can help. I got a new Cubot S308 and rooted it with Kingoroot succesfully. I read about increasing the 1GB RAM so downloaded HKROMPHONEEDITOR to my phone. After cicking 'Apply', the phone rebooted but froze on the opening CUBOT logo. I then tried to flash it with an Official KitKat ROM using Flash Tool and MT6582 Scatter Tool. There was a lot of red failed processes then a message indicating the process had failed completely. Now , the phone won't power on or charge up. Please help. Thanks in advance. Regards, vickers911.