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Cubot GT99 problems - nl2han - 2015-01-04

When running SP flash tool a made a terrible mistake, so now my imei's are gone and my wifi mac adress allso is busted / put to 0.
I can get the phone back running with Mobile uncle MTK tools and so re-write my imei numbers; next to that i have managed to put my wifi mac adress back in the memory (until reboot).

How can i put the imei's and wifi mac adress back in the -main / core- memory ???

next to all this i am suffering errors parsing the packages when installing APK files. For example, i am running on a rom called samsung lava s4, found on needrom.com, all samsung roms i found there have the same problem, youtube's latest versions won't work. So i have emailed myself a youtube apk version 4.x.x
This has worked a while ago, but now i get a parsing error when installing the same apk file in the same rom.

How can i get that back working ????

it has allways worked fine but i think i now messed it up... Sad

RE: Cubot GT99 problems - tiefighter_85 - 2015-01-06

Why not go back to stock? What was rwong with stock?

RE: Cubot GT99 problems - nl2han - 2015-04-06

sorry for the extreme late response but the original rom wasnt really my thing, i like samsung roms better, they are a bit more user friendly.