iNew’s LTE Model: iNew L1

iNew is chiming in with their LTE model, the iNew L1.

They seem to have found a sweet spot for their phone’s physical designs: the iNew V3’s body. They have reused it for their new V7 model, and the L1 will be adapting a similar build. It is hard to fault them for this move because the iNew V3 is one really good-looking phone.

iNew_L1-1Another similarity of the L1 with the V3 (and V7, at that), is their use for a quad core 32-bit MT6582 chipset. This will be used in tandem with MT6290 for 4G capabilities. The 2GB RAM phone will feature a larger display, sized at 5.3 inches with 720p resolution. This will be layered behind a Gorilla Glass screen.

The primary rear camera will have a Sony sensor with 13MP max resolution.

For network connectivity, the L1 will have 900/2100MHz frequency bands for 3G, and will cover Bands 1/3/7/20 for FDD-LTE. TDD-LTE will get Band 38 coverage.

While the V7 had improved battery specs to 2100mAH, the L1 will be offering an even better battery with 2450mAH of power storage capacity.

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Quite the dampener for this phone is its $180 price tag. This makes it a huge point of consideration since it will be using a less recent MT6582 chipset as compared with other LTE players that utilize the newer MT67xx chips, offered at a similar price.

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