2014 Smartwatch Review

Another booming market is smart wearable devices. These gadgets range from fitness trackers to the more powerful devices, some of which are capable of standalone function.

So far, there hasn’t been that one perfect smartwatch from China. Most of the reviews on these gadgets indicate some small points for improvement. This is quite understandable as it is a relatively recent focus for tech design.

Here are a few budget wearables that received fairly good responses from users.

No.1 G2

The No.1 G2 is an MT2502A-based smartwatch which has 32MB RAM and 128MB storage. The watch supports external memory cards for expanding its storage capacity.

… layered behind a sapphire glass screen, which is more scratch resistant than Gorilla Glass

no1 G2Making calls should be no problem with the G2 because it has speaker and microphone support. It also sports a vibration motor for notifications such as incoming calls and text messages. The G2 has a 1.54 TFT screen with 240p x 240p resolution which will allow the user to read messages. This is layered behind a sapphire glass screen, which is more scratch resistant than Gorilla Glass.

The G2 supports heart rate detection, IR remote control, pedometer, and is IP67 certified to be waterproof. It also supports Bluetooth connectivity to headsets, which allows for listening to music straight from the watch itself.

Compatibility with smartphones extends to both iOS and Android devices. The No.1 G2 is currently available in the sub-$100 price range.

Otium Gear

Otium’s Gear smartwatch has an MT6260A CPU clocked at 533MHz, with 128MB of RAM and 64MB ROM storage. It has a 1.3MP camera on it strap which supports video recording.

otium gearThe Gear features a 1.5 inch full color touchscreen. Notifications supported include calendar reminers, incoming calls, SMS, proximity alerts for when the paired phone goes past a certain distance, and others. It features support for pedometer function, sleep monitoring, and Bluetooth 3.0.

It accepts micro SIM cards with quad band GSM support

The smartwatch is capable of operating as a standalone device. It accepts micro SIM cards with quad band GSM support. It can be used for making calls as well as receiving them.

These features are powered by a 380mAH battery which is claimed to last up to 90 minutes of continuous talk time. The Otium Gear is currently available for around $76 at a trusted store.


The MI-W3 is a waterproof, IP67 certified smartwatch which has an MT6250A CPU running at its core. The watch supports gesture and motion sensing to answer calls or to prompt the screen to wake up.

MI-W3It has a 1.6 inch Translucent TFT display with 240p x 240p resolution. It supports Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity with EDR standard.

…500mAH battery providing power for a potential 100 hours on standby

Supported features include a pedometer, anti-loss alert system, an electrode-type heart rate monitor and answering phone calls with the use of a built in speaker and mic. MIMI-HK manufacturer claims it to have a 500mAH battery providing power for a potential 100 hours on standby.

U Watch U8 Pro

Another waterproof smartwatch is the U Watch U8 Pro. Its features include making calls or receiving calls directly from the watch, remote photo triggering, notifications from messages, and anti-theft alert system, to name a few.

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The watch supports hands-free calls via Bluetooth V3.0. Implemented sensors include altitude sensors, passometer, barometer, and has a vibration motor in place.

u8 proIt has a 230mAH rechargeable battery which is claimed to be capable of around 3 hours talk time. The U8 Pro features a 1.48 inch touch screen LCD.

The low cost U8 Pro is available in Piano Black, Rose Red, and Ivory colors, and is compatible with Android systems running on v2.3 and later.

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