Vaio Phones Rumored To Be at CES 2015

Formerly a laptop series from Sony, brand Vaio is rumored to go head-to-head with its former mothership.

Vaio smartphones may be announced at the upcoming CES 2015 in Las Vegas. Obviously these will be going up against Sony’s Xperia series of phones. Sony is expected to be launching the Xperia Z4 and some more devices in its series, also at the January event.


It is certainly a good thing that there are only a few days of waiting left: As of now the Vaio smartphone is a complete blank, except for the detail on the screen size which is 5.0 inches. An underwhelming amount of leaked information, but at the same time is seriously and successfully stirring people’s curiosity.

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Surely, Vaio laptop users and fans will be ogling over the Vaio phone. Curious?

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