iOcean MT6752 Benchmarking Results

Still the unnamed model, iOcean’s anticipated MT6752 phone has incremental updates.

A screenshot, supposedly from the model itself, has been released. It is a shot of a Chinese benchmarking result, which shows a score of 45477. The score puts the iOcean phone a few spots higher than the OnePlus One, the Oppo N3, and Find 7.

iocean mt6752

One unusual detail to notice from the screenshot is the set of virtual keys at the bottom (Back, Home, and Menu). The phone is still in its development stages, so hopefully, these virtual keys are only temporary.

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As previously reported, the phone will be coming in 2GB and 3GB RAM variants, with a 5.5 inch 1080p display. The primary camera will have a 14MP sensor, while the secondary, a 5MP sensor. The phone will be powered by a somewhat disappointing 2300mAH battery.

The benchmark results clearly indicate Android 4.4.4 as the running OS.

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  1. I hope benchmarks should also include wifi, gps, connectivity, sensitivity tests because they are very important to any smartphone’s useability.

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