Redmi 1S Release: Kernel Source Code and LTE Version

Early into the new year, Xiaomi is letting loose a new variant of the Redmi 1S, before the Redmi Note successor, and a long way before the rumored Mi5.

The key specs of the new Redmi 1S version remain the same, with the screen sized at 4.7 inches and a 720p resolution display beneath it. It will be equipped with 1GB of RAM storage, and 8GB of internal storage capability, expandable via microSD card.

The phone will have dual LTE capabilities, rather than dual standby

The new version will be equipped with a Qualcomm based SoC. Clocked at 1.2GHz, the Snapdragon 410 is the choice of chipset for the new version, in order to accommodate LTE connectivity. The phone will have dual LTE capabilities, rather than dual standby.


(image shows original version of Redmi 1S)


Camera specs include an 8MP sensor for the rear camera, and a 2MP for the front-facing camera. The phone will be running Android 4.4 OS, powered by a 2200mAH battery.

The phone is said to be offered in a wide array of colors, but will still include the basic black and white versions.

This version of the Redmi 1S will be the second device from Xiaomi that offers 4G support, next to the Redmi Note 4G. It will be released on the 4th of January.

Open Source News

More news on the “releasing” note, Xiaomi has officially made the kernel source code of the original Redmi 1S available to public.

The source code has been uploaded to a github repository, and up for grabs to anyone who wants to spruce up the Redmi 1S.

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Xiaomi seems to be taking a cue from Micromax/Yu and OnePlus about being open to third-party development and customization – certainly an attraction for Android enthusiasts.

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