New Oppo U3 and Oppo R1C with Sapphire Glass

Oppo will be pushing out 2 new models this early in the year.

Oppo U3

First up to be launched is their MediaTek-based U3 model. The U3 will feature the powerful MT6752 64-bit octa-core chipset that is based on the ARM Cortex A53 processor clocked at 1.7GHz. The GPU stashed along with it is a dual core Mali T760.

the U3’s primary rear camera is supposedly equipped with 4x optical zoom

The U3 will be packed with 2GB of RAM storage and 16GB ROM storage that is further expandable. It will feature a huge 5.9 inch screen with 1080p resolution display. Additional information includes an embedded AK4961 audio chip, and a 13MP rear camera.


Making statements with their phone cameras seems to be Oppo’s style. They look to be intent on stepping over the ZenFone Zoom (and its 3x optical zoom) as the U3’s primary rear camera is supposedly equipped with 4x optical zoom. The pricing and international availability is yet to be seen.

Oppo R1C

Another Oppo phone arriving is the R1C. This model has a Qualcomm-based SoC. It will be equipped with a 64-bit octa-core Snapdragon 615 chipset with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM storage.

oppo r1c

The phone will be encased in two layers glass, with the rear panel rumored to be Sapphire glass

The R1C will feature a 5.0 inch screen with 720p resolution display. The camera set is a 13MP rear shooter with a 5MP front-facing camera. A 2420mAH battery will be responsible for powering up the device.

The phone will be encased in two layers glass, with the rear panel rumored to be Sapphire glass. The price tag is reported to fall around the $400 range, while international availability is still waiting to be confirmed.

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It seems Oppo really knows how to stun their audience with monster specs. Too over-the-top or righteously-designated feature phones? Let us know what you think.

8 thoughts on “New Oppo U3 and Oppo R1C with Sapphire Glass”

  1. Its all very well trying to copy the “big boys” with the “rumoured” Sapphire Glass etc. But to stick a 5.9″ 720p display in a phone is ridiculous. A screen that size, while laughable in itself, needs at least a 1080p display. And what version of Android will it run? (The allegedly fraught with bugs) 4.4? The up-to-the-minute 5.2? Or maybe it will stick with 2013’s 4.2, like the majority of Chinese phones, even the very latest. As for benchmarking, its about time Chinese manufacturers started doing real world benchmarking, pitching their products against their big brand counterparts.

    1. I agree with you on some points. But in regards to benchmarking, when comparing similarly priced phones. China phones smoke the competition. Especially with the new MT6753. Not just in regards to benchmarking, but in regards to specs. Find me a $150 big brand phone that has an IPS 5.0″ 720p display, with 2gb RAM and 16GB storage, dual-SIM, scoring 8k in 3D. Guess what, it doesn’t exist, not even close. Yes I’m off the Oppo topic here. Just addressing the last part of your comment.

      720p on a 5.9″ display is more than fine. But that’s a matter of opinion I guess. If you absolutely need retina for some reason, then yes you’ll need 1080p.

  2. Oppo just build phones but never support those amazing pieces of hardware with a well running Software. In this case Oppo ruins their own build phones and they are not worth half the price! I could not recommend those phones, I had two Oppo and over a periode of about two years and non of those phones (Find5 and Find7) ever found the way out of beta state or ever received at least a well running beta!
    For a lot of money you will get here much too less – keep your hands off Oppo devices!!!

    1. This happens with all companies. Even the big ones. Google ‘sony customer support sucks’. Or ‘Samsung sucks’ or ‘canon sucks’.

      I have a friend waiting one full month now for a dead Sony phone to be returned. I know people waiting 3 months for a Canon camera to be returned.

  3. When I suggested comparing like for like, l meant every aspect, it build quality, components used, software, the full package. For example, how many Chinese manufacturers in the past have advertised their products as having Corning Gorilla Glass, only for the screen to smash on the first drop? Or, and this happens on almost every Chinese phone, the micro USB charging/data transfer socket rip off the circuit board leaving the phone unusable? Or advertise that the rear camera is, say, 13th when in fact it’s 5mp or 8mp and software is used to bump up the mp count?

    Build quality on so many Chinese phones is terrible. I’ve had phones where the internal connectors have just popped off leaving the phone with no sound, or the flash led stop working. I bought 3 Star N9500s on the same day. Sound stopped working on 1 after a few days, requiring a return to China, from the UK, to repair. Battery charging stopped on another after a few months. The USB port ripped off on the 3rd. All 3 suffered smashed screens. And this was all on one of the most popular Chinese phones ever. and don’t get me started on the knockoff Samsung ones.

    And as for benchmarking, the software on many Chinese phones is hacked to give false readings. If the manufacturers were to be honest about the components and software used it would tell a completely different story.

    1. Star clone? Are you joking? Your experience seems very limited to cheap phones. Buy a decent China phone and every single complaint you just made goes away.

    2. You have some legitimate complaints. But this is an emerging market. The big brands are hampered by committees, groups, lawsuits etc… If they could be dishonest, they’d be ripping you off as hard as they could. Actually I find the transparency with the real China brands to be quite surprisingly decent. They have come a long long way.

      Of course if you’re buying Star, Feiteng and these generic Samsung clones, be prepared to be disappointed. I bought a THL 4000 and the build is every bit as good as any $800 iPhone or Samsung. Solid through and through and only cost me $90.

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