Project Ara Trial Run in Puerto Rico

Project Ara is a Google-founded project that is focused on kicking off modular smartphones.

The main idea of the project is to allow users to be able to build their phones as they see fit and avoid their overspending on features they don’t need. Others may prefer more powerful GPUs as opposed to over-specced cameras, others may want high memory specs but would not want to invest in various sensors such as gyroscopes and magnetometers. Project Ara will make this level of customization possible.


It will also mean that users will be able to update their hardware without having to purchase whole new phones.

Though scarcely, details of the Spiral 2 have been reported. In collaboration with two local wireless networks, this version will be put on a trial run in Puerto Rico. The modules are aimed to be sold for around $50 each.

Google intends to have at least 20 modules available by that time.

So far, the Spiral 2 prototype will be capable of supporting up to 720p displays. On the other hand, 4G connectivity will be reserved for later on with the Spiral 3 prototype.

Users can find this to be a very attractive option, others may find it to be too cumbersome to select modules individually and put them together in order to get a usable phone.

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