ZTE Spyro 2 Portable Projector and More

ZTE put the Spyro 2 device on display at the CES 2015 event. The Spyro 2 is a flexible Android device that works as both a mobile hotspot and a portable projector.

The gadget is certainly portable in its very compact casing. It is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad core processor clocked at 2.1GHz. Its GPU is an Adreno 330 that is responsible for graphics rendering onto a 5.0 inch touchscreen.


The projector offers a 720p resolution display that can go up to 120 inches large. It also comes with a brightness capability of 200 lumens. Connecting devices to use the projector can be done through the Bluetooth protocol, HDMI connection, or via the USB 3.0 ports available.

night_spyro2As a mobile hotspot, the Spyro 2 can accept up to 8 devices to access its 4G LTE connection.

The device is powered by a healthy 6300mAH battery, while running Android 4.4.2. Running media apps on this device will definitely be a joy to do.

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Price and availability have yet to be confirmed. As of now, it is reported to be made available through major US wireless carriers within the year.

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