Meizu Blue Charm Series

December 23 will be a big day for Meizu, as they will be launching their Blue Charm range of products. The lineup includes two mobile devices, and a Meilan Box router.

There haven’t been much details on the Meilan Box router, but the price range it is rumoured to be in ($160 or 999 Yuan), suggests it will be a competitor to the Xiaomi router.

Leaked information suggests that the 4.6 inch version will cost around $130, while the 5.5 inch version of the Blue Charm phone will be around $170. Both units will be equipped with 64-bit MediaTek SoCs, with 4G support. The phones will be packed with 2GB of RAM and 16 GB internal storage.


The primary camera will come with 13MP max resolution capabilities. Benchmark scores are reported to be in the 40k range in AnTuTu standards.

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The expected release date is January of next year.

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