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hi, i need ROM for JLINKSZ k960 tablet 9,6", actually my tablet is bricked, i don't know if it have a MTK6580 or MTK 6752, i think that specs are fake, it had lollipop 5.2 installed, i try with sp flash tool and wiselink tool to restore with a lot of ROM but i have always error. can you help me?
Does anyone have the original Jlinksz K960 rom or kernel?
Fake rom: MTK6582 8 core, 4Gb ram, 64Gb rom.
Probably the original rom: 4 core, 1Gb ram, 16Gb rom.
The tablet works well but disturb the unusable storage.

Thanks in advance!
@Kollár and @stabben
You'll need to know your Build number or Firmware number to know which ROM will work for you.

If your tablet is bricked, like mine, physically open up your tablet and look for the build numbers, it could be on the front of the mother board or on the back side of it. Get out your jewellers screwdrivers and pull your tablet apart to find the number.

Then try and locate it here:
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Account: BMXC
Password: bmxcrjxz

Good Luck!
[Image: front-mb_zps5t8a6i1z.jpg]
[Image: K960-Back_zpsvgehs7xf.jpg]
Thank you for your help!
Unfortunately, there is no suitable.

Mybuild number: K960_vKBZ005_SMT_C3

[Image: AF1QipNXr6cxzeZiKSD-5Wc6jq8yEsq8PpKYeUyi7fWI]
Sorry, this is the build number.
Try vKB005A just make sure you don't flash the preloader, for example when flashing KB005A untick preloader and then flash.

Mine is also a random number vKBZ004 and I have tried the following versions with minor success. This is great for me because I had a brick for 2 weeks and now I have lights and just need to tweak one of the ROMs by swapping some of the files out of one ROM and getting them from another ROM.

Try and flash vKB005A and go from there. You have the link to all of the Jlinksz ROMs, and all you have to do is trial and error. We're all in the same position with these Chinese tablets, it's a long process to locate the right ROM because the Chinese often stamp fake names on the circuit board. They also modify the script in the scatter files to fake the tablet specifications.

These are my results: (K107 AC 3.0 vKBZ004 SMT-K960) (MT6580A K107-MB-V3.0 2015-9-30)
Both vKB012A and KB002B in isolation flashes logo (MediaTek / Samsung) and gets me into prompt: recovery, fastboot, normal , but then the screen goes black after I select one of the three.

KB019E GMS = black screen , circuit board light
KB005A = black screen , circuit board light
KB072L = black screen , circuit board light

I will work on patching vKB002B with KB012A and use scahardward to change the parameters.

Good luck
double post.
I have a bricked k960 Mediatek tablet which got a MT8310A chipset. The Firmware seems to be the same. But I have difficulties after I load the scattered file in the Flashtool to link the partitions/Memory Areas to the files provided in the zip file. The scattered file doesn't link it, and doesn't give me a clue. The file naming is also no help.
Could someone provide me with the info which file belong to which Partition found in the scatter file?
The pics of the files and the Flash tool can be found in the attachemnt.
Thanks in advance.
(2016-11-21, 22:30)firedrag Wrote: [Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register]

What is the ref. of your motherboard?

(2016-11-28, 23:42)marchefeu Wrote: [Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register]

What is the ref. of your motherboard?


Hi marchefeu,
sadly the specs from the shop where I bought it were fake, but it would take ages to give it back. Its a 9,7" tablet and as far as I can see, the flash is 16 GB and ram is 1GB.
Chipset ist MT8310a. As I found out, this chip ist equal to mt6580. The same as in the specs of your tablet. The rest you see in the pics.
I guess because of the different screensize, I can not use your firmware?
I would need to find the correct firmware to Flash it.
I downladed your firmware, but again, the scatter file contains different filenames to the zip Container. In the scatter file I have got e.g. custom.img and in the zip Container e.g. JBKB072L0.img. Do you use a different Flash tool to SPFlash. How does the file linking work from the scatter file, when you Flash?
I guess I miss a step, but don't find this Information.

For those who have problems with the scatter file not linking the files, I found the solution:
If the scatter files Suffix Ends with .txt you use the SP Flash tool to link the files and with the .scr scatter files you Need wiselink or jlink Flashtool.
Here is the Information:
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