Fujitsu Eyeing Greater Security in Smartphones

Fingerprint sensors in smartphones are becoming quite popular because of the added security as opposed to pattern locks or passwords. However, Fujitsu wants to take the level of security even further than that.

They have announced the development of the iris authentication system unit, which they have implemented in a smartphone for demonstration purposes. The scanner is triggered just by looking at two moving circles on the screen, and an authenticated scan will unlock the phone without having to manually request it. The technology makes use of an infrared camera and an infrared LED which work in tandem in order to recognize the iris patterns.


Same as fingerprints, each person has a unique iris pattern, which makes this method of authentication safe and secure. Aside from just using it as a screen unlocker, the scanner may also be used for logging into accounts and websites, safely.

The prototype smartphone is reportedly being showcased at the Fujitsu booth at MWC in Barcelona. Fujitsu plans on taking this technology way further than smartphones. They are targeting to implement the technology as an enterprise security solution in addition to fingerprint sensing.

The company plans on bringing this thrilling piece of technology to the market by March of 2016.

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