Xiaomi to release budget Mi4 – Xiaomi E4

The Xiaomi Mi4 released Q4 of 2014 was a big hit in terms of specs, price and quality. Xiaomi successfully combined Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801, with 3GB of RAM and a 1080P display, and released the 16GB version in the $400 ballpark.2015-03-24 19_50_21-Mi 4 - Mi India

$400 is still a lot of dough for many and Xiaomi is looking to hit the sweet spot with cost conscious consumers. Enter the Xiaomi E4. While the Mi4 carries a machined stainless steel frame and magnesium-alloy mid-frame, the E4 will be all plastic and instead of 3GB RAM will have 2GB RAM.

Otherwise the specs are reportedly the same. The display will be [email protected]″, the SoC will be Snapdragon 801, just as with the Mi4.

The list price is scheduled to be at around $275 in China, so we should see them available at shops who cater to outside nations in the $300 range.

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