Xiaomi Mi5 Anticipated Specifications

Closely following the successful (and much-cloned) Xiaomi Mi4 are rumors about the upcoming Mi5.

Rumors included the launch of the phone at Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in 2015, which Xiaomi has unfortunately denied holds truth. However, this did not stop information leaks on the anticipated new model.


From earlier reports, it is said that the Mi5 will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset running at its core. It will also be featuring a larger screen than its predecessor, sized at 5.7 inches, with QuadHD resolution display.

…OmniVision’s 13MP camera in the Mi5…capable of 1.75um pixel size

Sun Changxu, an industry analyst, made statements through Weibo about the possibility of the smartphone manufacturer to implement OmniVision’s 13MP camera in the Mi5. This is capable of 1.75um pixel size, as an upgrade from the Mi4’s 1.12um pixel 13MP camera.

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Finally, it is rumored to be priced around the $320 price mark, or 1999 Yuan. If all things go as planned, the Mi5 should be out by July next year.

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