Xiaomi Headphones and Mi Box Mini

Xiaomi has just held a press event in Beijing wherein 4 new devices were announced: two mobile devices, headphones, and a set-top box.

Xiaomi Mi Box Mini

The Mi Box Mini is the successor to the original set-top Mi Box.

The set-top box will be equipped with a quad core CPU based on Cortex-A7 processor, clocked at 1.3GHz. It will come with 1GB of RAM storage and 4GB of internal flash storage.

Video support extends to 1080p resolution while Dolby and DTS audio support is in place. The Mi Box Mini also supports 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz dual-band WiFi as well as Bluetooth protocol for network connectivity.xiaomi-mi-box-mini-

“Mini” is rightfully chosen as a name for the set-top box. It has an internal power supply which allows for directly plugging it into an AC line, and is fitted into a compact casing that fits in your palm, along with all its other hardware.

The Mi Box Mini is said to sport a $32 price tag.

 Xiaomi Headphones

The Pistons in-ears certainly satisfied (perhaps surprised) users with good quality audio. Xiaomi’s prowess for producing performance gadgets for low prices, same as with the Pistons, catches a great deal of attention and piques our curiosity about these new headphones.


The headphones are presented to feature a semi-open acoustic structure with 50mm beryllium diaphragm speakers.

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Xiaomi boasts of a super low 32 ohm impedance and silver-plated wire which should have excellent conductivity and low losses. Both on-ear and over-ear covers are replaceable.

The Xiaomi headphones are reported to fall in the $80 range.

Eyeing either of the two?

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