Oppo O-Lens

If you thought 2 camera lenses (3 in the Huawei Honor 6 Plus) installed in smartphones was enough, certain others didn’t think so. Lately, phone camera attachments have been cropping up here and there.

And one is cropping up over at Oppo, and it looks to be a serious deal. It is being closely compared with Sony’s QX10 because of their similar specs.

The Oppo O-Lens is equipped with a 10x optical zoom, and has an anti-shake feature for stability. It has its own shutter button, but can just as easily be triggered to snap a photo using your smartphone.

It connects to the device via NFC as opposed to the more common Bluetooth protocol. If you are connected to a secure and trusted WiFi network, this is also a connectivity option.


The O-Lens has provision for its own microSD card and can be mounted on a tripod. This is a very convenient feature especially for spectating. So long as the O-Lens is within NFC range with your phone, you can easily control it to record or snap photos.

While this is certainly an interesting piece of tech, it is debatable if people would consider carrying around a bulky lens to use with their smartphones.

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Perhaps this would strike the interest of more serious photographers, but they might still prefer to stick with stand alone cameras.

People’s reception of the O-Lens will soon be found out, after its launch at the CES 2015.

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