One Plus One Available on January 20th

One Plus Two rumors have been slowly piling up, but that doesn’t mean the One Plus One has been forgotten.

One Plus will be holding a non-exclusive open sale of the One Plus One on January 20th. All those eyeing the 2014 “Flagship Killer” will have a chance to get the phone. No invitations are required for the purchase of the phone or any of its accessories.

oneplus-one sale

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Both versions will be available on the said date. The 16GB version tagged at $299 and the higher-end 32GB version at $349. But all interested users will have to be quick as the sale will only run for 2 hours. The schedule has been reported to be at 19:00-21:00 HKT/19:00-21:00 GMT/7PM-9pm EST.

Who’s getting One?

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