Xiaomi’s Huge Setback

The rising tech giant, Xiaomi, is currently facing legal issues which have stunted the company’s expansion in India. The Delhi High Court has issued a suspension on all sales of the company’s products until further notice.

This decision was made after Xiaomi was claimed to have infringed a patent from Ericsson. Reports show that Ericsson had requested them to pay patent fees in early 2014, which they had completely ignored.xiaomi car


Xiaomi had released a statement on their website that they will indeed put a hold on sales in India, but are determined to continue sales of the Redmi Note and Redmi 1S devices until January 8th. These specific devices are Qualcomm-based, and technically not included in the patent infringement violation, since the case is directed towards MediaTek devices.

Barra explains how design-arounds are simply a waste of time and resources just to avoid patent infringement

Global VP, Hugo Barra, had previously expressed his disbelief in the patent system. Barra, being more concerned about the development of technology rather than the legal hoops surrounding it, explains how design-arounds are simply a waste of time and resources just to avoid patent infringement.

Ignoring intellectual property rights is a big concern, and is seen a lot with Chinese phone manufacturers. It turns out to be a terrible decision on Xiaomi’s part to have done exactly that, because the Delhi High Court has ruled that promotion and sales of all products will be suspended until their dispute with Ericsson is settled.

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Ericsson, on the other hand, had expressed disappointment about how unfair it is for Xiaomi to benefit from the product of their R&D without having to pay any legal fees. They are currently awaiting Xiaomi’s cooperation to resolve the matter in a fair and judicious conclusion.

2 thoughts on “Xiaomi’s Huge Setback”

  1. Don’t agree with all this legal nonsense. How is a new start up meant to succeed? It’s a minefield out there. Even creating a device from scratch is bound to infringe on someone these days. If you device has a glass touchscreen, square or round icons etc it’s infringing on someone patent or the other.

    This entire legal mess needs to be overhauled. New start ups are bullied from the get go.

    1. This is why China is going to eat the rest of the world up. They simply don’t give a F about red tape. Move forward at all costs. Do business. Make money.

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